Microcontrollers&Embedded Systems

Power management



Usually an embedded system has a certain numbers of devices interconnected via different signals. To configure these interconnections in some cases gpio are used.

>>> gpio2num = lambda a,b:(a -1)*32 + b
>>> print gpio2num(7,16)
>>> print gpio2num(7,9)
num2gpio = lambda x: (x /32 + 1, x%32)
>>> num2gpio(98)
(4, 2)

Update mechanisms

  • Mender Mender is a secure and robust software update system designed to handle large number of devices. Mender is designed according to a simple client/server architecture, allowing central management of deployments to all devices.
  • RAUC is a lightweight update client that runs on your embedded device and reliably controls the procedure of updating your device with a new firmware revision